Fisherman_bugasong Antique

Antique is bounded by the rugged central mountains of Panay, bordering on the provinces of Aklan, Capiz, Iloilo and the Sulu Sea. It is one of the six provinces comprising Western Visayas and one of the four provinces in the island of Panay.

Antique’s steep slopes and rugged, long mountain ranges have isolated it from the rest of Panay. That’s why, they have developed their own distinct language called Kinaray-a.

The province has rugged and varied land. Mararison Island, Hurao-Hurao Island and Nogas Island  have long stretches of white sand beaches that are ideal for shell-hunting. Batbatan Island appeals to scuba divers because of the well-preserved coral reefs. Mount Madia-as (or Madjaas) is the highest peak on Panay. This mountain is a dormant volcano with lakes and 14 waterfalls.

The Antiqueños are renowned weavers throughout the Visayas. The Bugasong patadyong, a tube cotton fabric of plaid design, is highly valued because of its fineness of weaving. Piña cloth is also produced in looms throughout the province. Wine manufactured from the sap of the coconut is a cottage industry.

The province has many tourist attractions, activities, points of interest, facilities and services to offer. There are tourism areas that are developing and many are still to be developed. Tourists traveling from Iloilo to Boracay can stop by Antique’s tourism areas. The whole stretch of coastal areas in Antique is suited for scuba diving.

Starting from the southern town of Antique tourists can drop by Sira-an Hot Spring, claimed to be a medical spring. The next destination is the capital town San Jose de Buenavista passing by Malandog Marker, site of the first Malayan Settlement. Tourism amenities like restaurants, shopping malls, pasalubong centres, accommodations and beach resorts are present. Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, can be found in Sibalom Natural Park.

In the municipalities of Patnongon and Laua-an, tourists interested in traditional methods can visit muscovado mills and watch how muscovado sugar is processed. Products made with muscovado are also available; Laua-an is noted for its long butong-butong (a candy made with muscovado sugar). Tibiao has the Bugtong Bato Falls and the Fish SPA. From Culasi Mount Madia-as can be seen, the Mount Olympus of Antique. Sebaste has the Igpasungaw Falls, the Sebaste Inland Resort and the most visited Saint Blaise Church, where devotees of St. Blaise make a pilgrimage every year during the annual fiesta. Pandan has Malumpati Health Spring and Bugang River where rafting and river boating can be experienced. This is the most developed tourism area with a tour package. Libertad is famous for its bariw mat and bag weaving.