General Santos City is less than 2,000 kms. away from Singapore and is the nearest point in the Philippines to Australia.

This port city is bounded in the south by the magnificent Sarangani Bay and Mt. Matutum, the highest peak in South Cotabato, towering at 2,293 meters above sea level, in the far north.

There are large rivers, numerous streams inundating the land and making the soil very rich, giving credence to Mindanao’s moniker, “Land of Promise”.

Because of the city’s good weather, with its typhoon-free location and evenly distributed rainfall, the city and surrounding areas have enormous economic and development investment potentials. It is now the center of three major regional improvements for the integrated transport system in Southern Mindanao including an international airport, highway facilities and the modernization and expansion of Makar seaport.

Now the city is positioning itself to be an investor’s haven in Mindanao, and the expansive role of the port of General Santos in the city’s ascent as of the major investment centers and agro-processing centers of Region XI is highly recognized. Considering its strategic location within the Southeast Asian economic zone and its proximity to its Asian neighbors like Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, New Guinea and Australia, General Santos is indeed a gateway to the Asean economic zone of influence.