Philippine Tours has been serving the Filipino-Australian community for over 35 years since it was established in 1983. It continues to serve the community by offering promo rates and tour packages from time to time.

There are many ways to book your next flight. Book online on or call 03 9384 1844 or email

Here are the latest travel deals from Philippine Tours

Cebu Pacific

C️CEBU PACIFIC – Fly direct to Manila from $259*

Cebu Pacific - Fly direct to Manila

*Selected travel dates between February and April 2020!

*Add-ons available to Philippine domestic destinations and side trips to Asia.

Call to book Cebu Pacific (03) 9384 1844

Sale ends 9 August 2019

(For Sydney – call for prices)

➡️ Baggage (OPTIONAL)
➡️ Reservations and payment must be completed at the same time (BOOK and BUY)
➡️ Travel dates on selected flights between February and April 2019
➡️ NO AVAILABILITY on PEAK PERIODS such as AU School Holidays, Christmas, Easter
➡️ Other Airline Conditions Apply, check with your agent upon making your booking
➡️ Air Extras may be added, i.e. baggage allowance, meals, advanced seat selection
➡️ Subject to availability at time of booking. When sold out, the next fare will be offered to you.

Book online on or call 03 9384 1844 or email